Superstar – Mickey

Mickey was brought into us by one of our clients after being found abandoned in a nearby depot. Mickey was in very bad shape, not only in bad condition and underweight for a kitten of his age (approximately 5 weeks old) he was also suffering from conjunctivitis and a serious viral condition.

We immediately placed Mickey in our isolation ward and he was nursed intensively by our staff. This sweet little kitten was barrier nursed and cared for daily, allowing him to have the love and affection he deserved, as well as the treatment his condition required.

If Mickey had not been brought to us straight away he most certainly would not have been able to survive. We are indebted to our lovely, responsible clients who brought Mickey in and we are overjoyed that they are now his new family! Mickey was discharged several weeks later and is enjoying a life that he deserved, in a happy home.

This is story that not only involves superstar Mickey – but also his amazing new parents who found him, sought help for him and gave him his best possible life.

We think this is pretty special indeed.