Superstar – Dori

Dori became part of the Cranbrook family a few years ago, suffering with a chronic skin condition. Her story is a simple one; one of everyday struggles that many pet owners face. She and her family have faced these roadblocks with determination and ease.

We think Dori’s lovely nature and her owners fantastically proactive mindset make them superstars.

Dori’s family not only implemented a diet trial recommended by Tom – not an easy thing for any owner – especially a cat owner; but, earlier this year, they teamed up with Tom once again to manage her newly diagnosed diabetes. The treatment involves injecting Dori twice a day with insulin, bringing her into the practice regularly for blood tests and undergoing a weight loss regime. Unlike their canine friends – it is slightly more difficult to get cats to exercise and they cannot go without food as long as dogs do. Therefore, any diet changes need to be monitored closely as any sign of anorexia needs to be dealt with immediately.

However, the family dealt with this swiftly and with great success. They worked with their vet to make sure Dori had the best chance. We cannot stress enough that the relationship between patient, client and vet is so, so important.

Dori’s stoicism and her parents determination and positivity makethem superstars! Well done.