One of our lovely clients, Davina Thom, has alerted us about a sanctuary in Portugal that needs help. She is appealing to all animal lovers to ask for their help and to raise awareness of this cause. Ms. Thom has the pleasure of owning a lovely Labrador cross called Indie and previously took care of the beautiful Bea who has sadly passed away. Both of these beautiful dogs were rescued by the sanctuary and later re-homed with Ms Thom.

She writes:
“the refuge which Bea & Indie came from is in a desperate situation. The owner of the land wants to sell & he wants €150,000!

There are over 100 dogs, 40 cats, donkeys, mules, pigs, chickens, ducks & sheep which all have names & all have there own personality’s. Including Indie’s brother Ringo…

Unfortunately if we are unable to raise the amount required all these animals face being put down which is just a horrendous thought.

Bridie “runs” the sanctuary & I mean run as she dedicates her life to the place. She even lives on site to make sure everyone is taken care of 24/7!

Bea & Indie were lucky to find the sanctuary as if they had found themselves in the local pound I wouldn’t have had the privilege of re-homing them. Bridie takes any animal who is at risk, even ones that she knows won’t ever be re-homed (known as lifers) as they are well looked after & cared for & given any medication required.

Any help in raising the profile of this desperate situation we would be eternally grateful.”

Refugio Dos Burros