Pet of the Month – Fergal


Our pet of the month is a tribute to a wonderful Cat – Fergal. Although Fergal has sadly left us, this does not mean we cannot take a moment to celebrate what a fantastic boy he was.

Fergal was diagnosed with cardiac condition over a year ago and during his many visits and hospitalisations he proved to be an amazing patient.

He was so comfortable and happy, in fact, he purred so much that we found it incredibly difficult to take respiratory parameters!

His easy demeanour gave us a false sense of confidence – we all thought we had suddenly perfected the art of giving cats tablets – not an easy thing to do! However, it was just that Fergal was super and a true gentleman/cat.

Fergal settled in so well and would settle beautifully in his kennel and give us an enormous amount of affection. He managed to maintain his lovely nature while battling with his condition.

When you really think about it, the bond that we have with our pets is remarkable. We cannot converse with words, but we still manage to communicate and bond in the most miraculous of ways. We couldn’t speak to Fergal, but this didn’t stop him from demonstrating love and affection and showing a real sense of character. He was a loving creature who had the perfect combination of gentle tenderness and courageous grit. If only we could all be a bit more like him. We will miss him, but we are truly glad to have got to know such a handsome, beautiful cat.

Thank you to his loving parents for the wonderful pictures.