Superstar – Angel

We are pleased to announce our first of several Cranbrook and Polsloe SUPERSTARS!

Angel’s owner rushed her in to Chris when she hurt herself getting out of her cage. Chris X-rayed her immediately and she was diagnosed with a tibial fracture and went straight into surgery. Chris inserted pins to correct the fracture as well as an external fixator. This is a support to assist in correcting the fracture.

Cat and Dog owners who have had to deal with the post op care following orthopaedic operations know how hard it is to keep their pets calm and still; so, you can imagine how difficult it is for a Cockatoo. Angel and her owners did an amazing job! Together they ensured that she did not interfere with her wound or the crazy metal scaffolding that she had to have on her leg for weeks!

After several repeat X-rays to ensure that the fracture was healing well Coco finally had the pins and external fixator removed.

We were so impressed with the dedication of her owners and the bravery that Angel showed us all. We have to work as a team – owner, pet and practice – to ensure the best outcome for the patient.

(As a humorous aside – Chris unknowingly missed part of his surprise birthday party to operate on Angel & he wouldn’t have it ANY OTHER WAY!).






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New Pet of the Month & Instagram!

Meet our brave new pet of the month – Yogi. Yogi’s picture is also our first post on our new Instagram pages!

Staff Nominations

Many of you are familiar with our staff nominations box in the practices. Did you know you can email the practice with your staff nomination?

Simply download the nomination form from the link below, fill it in and email it back to us. If you don’t have the facilities to edit the form online you could always print it off and bring it in to the practice. The nomination boxes are in reception at both practices.

We think we have a fabulous team, it means so much to all of us when our colleagues are recognised for their hard work and dedication.


Polsloe Nomination Form

Cranbrook nomination form



We are all looking forward to much warmer weather, however, the downside is the increase in parasites. Download our parasite poster and ask our vets and nurses how you can protect your pets and your family this summer

Parasite poster


Welcome to our new website

After many months of  hard work we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website. Thank you to everyone at Creative Engineering Studio and Traffic Fundi for making such a fabulous site that we know you will love.

New laser treatment available

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